Dragon Ball GT (ドラゴンボールGT, Doragon Bōru Jī Tī; GT meaning "Grand Tour") is a Japanese anime produced by Toei Animation, and an anime-only continuation of Dragon Ball Z manga and anime, created by Akira Toriyama.

It aired in Japan from February 7, 1996 to November 19, 1997, with a total of 64 episodes and a concluding special titled Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy.

Dubbing HistoryEdit

The first dub of Dragon Ball GT was produced in 2003 for Canadian and European markets by the AB Groupe. Once production of their dub of Dragon Ball Z was complete, AB Group and Westwood Media began work on Dragon Ball GT prior to FUNimation even starting work on the series. Like Dragon Ball Z, the Ocean Group was also contacted to provide a voice track for this dub using their Vancouver studios. However, Westwood revised their plans, with voice production moving to Ocean's budget studio, Blue Water Studios, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada instead to save money. The Blue Water dub of Dragon Ball GT, like the Ocean dub of DBZ, was edited for content, though kept the original soundtrack to the series. The script had no connection to FUNimation's later version, and was broadcast in the same territories as the Westwood dub of DBZ, airing on YTV in Canada and Toonami in the United Kingdom. With the reception of their dub of GT, Blue Water would later be contracted by AB to dub the original Dragon Ball.

Later the same year, FUNimation began work on Dragon Ball GT. However, a major alteration was made by FUNimation, cutting the first 16 episodes of the series, and replacing them with a single composition episode entitled "A Grand Problem," which used scenes from the skipped episodes to summarize the story. This was to skip the more light-hearted beginning and get to the more action-oriented parts of the series. The series soundtrack was replaced by a score by Mark Menza, along with a new rap opening theme. After the original broadcast of the series ended, the skipped episodes were later aired as "The Lost Episodes". FUNimation's English adaptation of Dragon Ball GT ran on Cartoon Network between November 7, 2003 and April 16, 2005.

When FUNimation released the series to two remastered boxed sets in 2008, the original episode order was restored, the original Japanese music was restored, and English versions of the opening and all four closings were created, which are all very close to the original versions.


Image Character Seiyū Blue Water FUNimation
Goku Gt Render Goku Masako Nozawa Zoe Slusar Stephanie Nadolny
Goku-Gt-Adult Jeremiah Yurk Sean Schemmel
Son Goku GT (SSJ4)
Trunks gt normal Trunks Takeshi Kusao Matthew Erickson Eric Vale
Pan GT Trans Pan Yūko Minaguchi Caitlynne Medrek Elise Baughman
Old Pan Mariette Sluyter
(old; ep. 64)
Giru Trans Giru Shinobu Satouchi Matthew Erickson Sonny Strait
Vegeta normal gt by anjoicaros-d6fa5cq Vegeta Ryō Horikawa Roger Rhodes Christopher Sabat
Vegeta SSJ4 Trans
Bulma fin gt Bulma Hiromi Tsuru Kristin Nowosad Tiffany Vollmer
Bra gt by chrisemerald chaos z-d51tzrw Bulla Leda Davies Parisa Fakhri
Goten gt trans Goten Masako Nozawa Scott Hendrickson Robert McCollum
Gohan gt trans Gohan Scott Roberts Kyle Hebert
Videl by changopepe-d4p6w8r Videl Yūko Minaguchi Jennifer Holder Susan Huber
Chi-Chi 2 Chi-Chi Naoko Watanabe Debbie Munro Cynthia Cranz
UubFinal Trans Uub Atsushi Kisaichi Scott Roberts (ep 1) Sean Michael Teague
Brendan Hunter
Super Uub (2)
Dragon Ball GT Krillin Krillin Mayumi Tanaka Dan Gascon Sonny Strait
Android 18 GT Android 18 Miki Itō Jennifer Bain Meredith McCoy
Marron Gt Marron Tomiko Suzuki Lori Bachynski
Teen dende Dende Hiro Yūki Jeffrey Watson Justin Cook
Mr. Popo Trans Mr. Popo Toku Nishio Dave Pettitt Christopher Sabat
Piccolo Trans Piccolo Toshio Furukawa Ethan Cole
Mr satan or hercule gt by spongeboss-d368mpt Mr. Satan (Hercule) Daisuke Gōri Dave Pettitt Chris Rager
Majin buu by anjoicaros-d6fa6o8 Majin Buu Kōzō Shioya Corby Proctor Josh Martin
Master Roshi Gt Master Roshi Hiroshi Masuoka Dean Galloway Mike McFarland
Kibitoshin Trans2 Kibito Kai Shinichiro Ohta Roger Rhodes Kent Williams
Elder Kai2 Old Kai Reizō Nomoto Steve Olson
Sugoro and Shusugoro Sugoro Bin Shimada Jonathan Love Brice Armstrong
Shusugoro Mayumi Tanaka Dan Gascon John Burgmeier
Dr. Gero Dr. Gero Kōji Yada Jonathan Love Kent Williams
Myu Trans Dr. Myuu Kazuyuki Sogabe Dave Pettitt Duncan Brannan
General Rilldo General Rilldo Kiyoyuki Yanada Steve Olson Andrew Chandler
Baby trans Baby Yūsuke Numata Adam Hunter Mike McFarland
Baby Adulto
Baby vegeta
Android17 Android 17 Shigeru Nakahara Ethan Cole Chuck Huber
Dragon ball gt super a17 Super Android 17
Freezer Final Trans Frieza Ryūsei Nakao Jennifer Bain Linda Young
Cell perfecto2 Cell Norio Wakamoto Ben Jeffery Dameon Clarke
Kaiosamanorte King Kai Jōji Yanami Dean Galloway Sean Schemmel
Valese Trans Valese Natsumi Yanase Carol-Anne Day Amber Cotton
Dolltaki Dolltaki Hirotaka Suzuoki Jonathan Love Barry Yandell
Mutchy Artwork Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy Takeshi Watabe Roger Rhodes Justin Cook
Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy
Commander Nezi Commander Nezi Yūki Satō Cindy Beall
Bon para Bon Para Yukitoshi Hori Adam Hunter Brad Jackson
Don para Don Para Kazunari Tanaka Corby Proctor Bill Townsley
Son para Son Para Bin Shimada Kevin Tokarsky Ethan Rains
Ledgic Ledgic Kazuyuki Sogabe Ethan Cole R. Bruce Elliott
Emma daioh sama dbz by changopepe-d3e8iys King Yemma Daisuke Gōri Tommy James Chris Rager
Omega shenron trans Syn / Omega Shenron Hidekatsu Shibata Noah Umholtz Bob Carter
Christopher Sabat
(Omega Form)
Nouva Shenron Nuova Shenron Ken Yamaguchi Victor Atelevich John Burgmeier
Eis Shenron Trans Eis Shenron Kaneto Shiozawa Tommy James Jerry Jewell
Naturon Shenron True Form Naturon Shenron Shin Aomori Corby Proctor Christopher Bevins
Oceanus shenron Oceanus Shenron Masako Katsuki Lana Harwood Laura Bailey
Oceanus Shenron by dbzataricommunity Ryūzaburō Ōtomo Zane Sampson Steve Sanders
Haze Shenron Trans Haze Shenron Chafurin Jonathan Love Brad Jackson
Rage shenron Rage Shenron Hirotaka Suzuoki Adam Hunter Chris Cason
Black Smoke Shenron render Black Smoke Shenron Daisuke Gōri Dave Pettitt Christopher Sabat
Final gogeta ssj4 Gogeta Masako Nozawa
Ryō Horikawa
Jonathan Love Sean Schemmel
Christopher Sabat
Shenlong Shenron Masaharu Satō Dave Pettitt Christopher Sabat
Black star shenron by ameyfierra-d4u4fsy Black Star Shenron
Narration Jōji Yanami Steve Olson Andrew Chandler

Episodic CharactersEdit

Image Character Seiyū Blue Water FUNimation Ep(s)
Pilaf GT Pilaf Shigeru Chiba Dean Galloway Chuck Huber 1-2
Mai old Mai Eiko Yamada Debbie Munro Julie Franklin
OldShu Shu Tesshō Genda Jonathan Love Chris Cason
Poperu Poperu Hiroshi Kamiya Sean Broadhurst Dameon Clarke 1
Don Kear - DBGT Great Touring Saga Don Kee Kōji Totani Doug McKeag Jakie Cabe 4-5
Gale.Ep.5.GT Gale Yasuhiko Kawazu Steve Olson Steve Sanders
Sheela.Ep.5.GT Sheela Megumi Urawa Onalea Gilbertson Laura Bailey
Vlcsnap-2013-04-11-23h08m29s96 Giant Ryūzaburō Ōtomo Dave Pettitt Chris Forbis 6
Zoonama.Ep.7.GT Zoonama Chafurin Corby Proctor Duncan Brannan 7-8
Doma.Ep.7.GT Doma Nobuhiko Kazama Matt Embry Jerry Jewell
LenDBGT Laine Miki Itō Jennifer Holder Gwendolyn Lau
Gelbo elder Laine's Father Yukitoshi Hori Byron Close John Burgmeier
Nappa 02 Nappa Kiyoyuki Yanada Dave Pettitt Phil Parsons 43
General Black Staff Officer Black Masaharu Satō Chris Gerritsen Christopher Sabat 45
General Blue General Blue Toshio Furukawa Adam Hunter Sonny Strait
Vlcsnap-2013-04-11-23h13m24s229 Colm Wakana Yamazaki Jeffrey Watson Colleen Clinkenbeard 51
Vlcsnap-2013-04-11-23h14m48s54 Colm's Father Tetsu Inada Mike Shepherd Phil Parsons
Goku Jr Goku Jr. Masako Nozawa Zoe Slusar Stephanie Nadolny 64
Vegeta Jr Vegeta Jr. Ryō Horikawa Scott Hendrickson Christopher Sabat
Pakku Puck Tōru Furuya Corby Proctor Adrian Cook
VegetaJr.smother Vegeta Jr.'s Mother Hiromi Tsuru Kristin Nowosad Tiffany Vollmer
WMATAnnouncer World Tournament
Yukimasa Kishino Tommy James Eric Vale

Additional VoicesEdit

Music Edit

  • Opening: "Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku" ("Bit By Bit I'm Falling Under Your Spell")
Vocals: Vic Mignogna
  • Ending: "Hitori Janai" ("I'm Not Alone")
Vocals: Stephanie Young
  • Ending: "Blue Velvet"
Vocals: Brina Palencia
  • Ending: "Sabitsuita Machine Gun de Ima o Uchinukō" ("Let’s Blast through this Moment with a Rusted Machine Gun")
Vocals: Justin Houston


  • The Blue Water dub keeps the original Japanese credits, only subtitling them.
  • The Japanese version and the Blue Water dub states that GT takes place five years after DBZ while the FUNimation dub states that it takes place a decade after DBZ.
  • Giru is referred to as "Gil" in the Blue Water dub.
  • General Rilldo is renamed "General Lock" in the Blue Water Dub.
  • Susan Huber replaces Kara Edwards as Videl. Why is unknown, though is most probably to make the character sound more mature after the time passing. This change didn't stick since Edwards continues to voice Videl in future dubs.


Date(s) Channel Dub Country
2003 CNX Blue Water United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom
2003-2005 Cartoon Network (Toonami) FUNimation United States Flag United States
2012-2015 Nicktoons Network

Video ReleasesEdit

Note, the FUNimation dub is the only dub to have an official release on video.

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
FUNimation Entertainment 2003-2004 VHS
Episodes 17-64 1
United States Flag United States
15 Volumes
2004-2005 "The Lost Episodes"
5 Volumes
2008 DVD The Complete Series
2 Volumes

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