One Piece (ワンピース, Wan Pīsu) is an anime based on the manga written by Eiichiro Oda. It's produced by Toei Animation and directed by Konosuke Uda, Munehisa Sakai and Hiroaki Miyamoto. It first broadcast on Fuji Television on October 20, 1999. As of January 2018, there are over 819 episodes spanning eighteen seasons.


Before he was executed, the legendary Pirate King Gold Roger revealed that he had hidden the treasure One Piece somewhere in the Grand Line. Now, many pirates are off looking for this legendary treasure to claim the title Pirate King. One pirate, Monkey D. Luffy, is a boy who had eaten the Devil's Fruit and gained rubber powers. Now he and his crew are off to find One Piece, while battling enemies and making new friends along the way.

Dubbing HistoryEdit

Prior to the series’ acquisition by 4Kids Entertainment, an English dub was first recorded by the Singaporean dubbing company Odex in 2003, and was produced by Animax. Though Odex tried to license it for TV, the deal fell through after 26 episodes, the dub was released on VCD in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Odex's dub was translated independently and had no ties to any other form of translation. This dub is relatively unknown due to it being limited to those countries.

The dub had an extremely limited voice cast of initially 6 regular voice actors for the first season, then increased to 8 for the second. However many voice actors left between the two Seasons, characters such as Nami had three different voices through the Odex dub of the series. The common complaint leveled against the dub is the poor recording standards, poor editing and wooden acting. Odex’s dub only ran for 104 episodes, at which point Odex was unable to further license the series from Toei Animation.

As Toei Animation was scouting for an English dubbing company to produce an English dub for the series in 2004, there was stiff competition as to who would gain the rights. Test dubs were produced by FUNimation Entertainment (featuring Eric Vale as Luffy, Andrew Chandler as Zoro and Christopher Sabat as Helmeppo) and Ocean Productions (featuring Andrew Francis as Luffy, Samuel Vincent as Zoro and Chantal Strand as Apis) along with Blue Water Studios. FUNimation was so confident they’d be given the rights, they registered the domain name for One Piece prior to anything being solidified.

On June 4, 2004, 4Kids Entertainment announced that they had acquired the television distribution and merchandising license for One Piece in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. 4Kids won the license in a package deal with Tokyo Mew Mew, a show they were actually intent on dubbing, with no prior knowledge to the shows content. When they found that the show was not for their intended audience, the company pretty much had to do what they could do with the series until they had an opportunity to legally drop the license.

4Kids' dub of One Piece is infamous for its mandated edits for content and length, reducing the first 143 episodes down to 104. Many, if not all, of the changes made were mandatory for the series to be suitable for broadcast in a children's timeslot. One of the more notable changes was the digital replacement of Sanji's cigarette with a lollipop. There were various character names changes, most notably changing Roronoa Zoro to "Zolo". 4Kids toned down many of the series' more emotionally intense scenes, also toning down violence and other extreme situations, including writing out the deaths of characters, sometimes unintentionally making it even worse. A lot of dialogue was altered to include humor, often pun-based, even during scenes that were entirely serious in the Japanese version. Several episodes were also removed, including ones which would turn out to be important later on in the series. The original music score was replaced by a new in-house score composed by Jeff Silverman, along with a new opening theme, the infamous "One Piece Rap". However, 4Kids originally created an English version of the first opening theme, "We Are!", sung by Russell Velázquez. This theme only previewed at a con sometime in 2004.

4Kids' dub premiered in the United States on September 18, 2004 on the Fox network as part of the weekend programming block Fox Box, and would later air on Toonami in April 2005. Reception of their dub was overwhelmingly negative, being universally panned by fans of the original Japanese version for their alterations to the series. 4Kids contracted Viz Media to handle home video distribution, releasing 11 volumes of the first 52 episodes before ceasing production due to low sales. 4Kids released a statement in December 2006 confirming that it cancelled the project. Mark Kirk, the Vice President of Digital Media for 4Kids Entertainment, said the experience on producing One Piece "ruined the company's reputation." Since then, 4Kids established a more strict set of guidelines, checks, and balances to determine which anime the company acquires.

On April 13, 2007, FUNimation Entertainment licensed the series and started production on their own English-language release of One Piece, both resuming where 4Kids left off, as well as going back and redubbing their episodes uncut for DVD. For FUNimation's cast, Toei and creator Eiichiro Oda had picked from audio clips of who they'd like to portray the main characters and some of the major villains (such as Rob Lucci). FUNimation's dub of the series premiered on Toonami on August 25, 2007, starting with episode 105 (144 uncut), and aired until the blocks cancellation on March 22, 2008. For Toonami's airing, FUNimation created a television dub which kept consistency with the 4Kids dub, keeping their naming conventions (Zolo instead of Zoro) though contained much lighter editing and the original music. Due to Cartoon Network's standards, the practice of altering Sanji's cigarette into a lollipop was changed to it being removed entirely. Even with these television edits, the FUNimation dub was immediately well-received for the voice acting, dialogue, and original music.

FUNimation released its first uncut bilingual DVD box set, containing 13 episodes, on May 27, 2008, retailing for $49.98 MSRP. On July 26, 2011, FUNimation began to re-release dub episodes on "collections" using a discounted MSRP of $24.99 for 26 episodes. On May 18, 2013, the uncut series began airing on Adult Swim's revived Toonami late-night programming block from episode 207 onwards. As of November 2017, FUNimation has currently dubbed 552 episodes of the series uncut.


Image Character Seiyū Odex Dub
(Episodes 1-104)
4Kids Dub
(Episodes 1-142)
FUNimation Dub
Main Characters
747902-luffy2 Monkey D. Luffy Mayumi Tanaka Chuck Powers Erica Schroeder Colleen Clinkenbeard
Zoro's Common Outfit Roronoa Zoro Kazuya Nakai Brian Zimmerman Marc Diraison Christopher Sabat
Roronoa Zoro child2 Megumi Urawa
?¿ Andrew Rannells Cynthia Cranz (ep. 2)
Brina Palencia
Nami 02 by candycanecroft-d3ioyzv Nami Akemi Okamura Alison Lester
(eps. 1-52)
Kerry Williams Luci Christian
Chio Su-Ping
(eps. 53-67)
Wakana Yamazaki
(eps. 70-78)
Cindy Creekmore
(eps. 68-104)
Usopp2 Usopp Kappei Yamaguchi Jamie Meldrum
(eps. 9-53)
Jason Griffith Sonny Strait
Chuck Powers
(eps. 54-104)
Sanji 04 by candycanecroft-d3jojqr Sanji Hiroaki Hirata Joseph Murray
(eps. 20-67)
David Moo Eric Vale
Paul J. Pistore
(eps. 68-104)
Sanji child Ikue Ōtani
?¿ Veronica Taylor Christine Auten
Chopper Tony Tony Chopper Ikue Ōtani Emlyn Morinelli Lisa Ortiz Brina Palencia
Kazue Ikura
(eps. 254-263)
Nico robin 04 by candycanecroft-d3k8xt8 Nico Robin Yuriko Yamaguchi Natasha Malinsky Veronica Taylor Stephanie Young
Yuko Kobayashi
(eps. 299–319)
Youth Robin Anzu Nagai
Jad Saxton
Franky1 Franky Kazuki Yao Patrick Seitz
Young Franky Junko Noda
Terri Doty
Brook 01 by candycanecroft-d3ilu0j Brook Chō Ian Sinclair
Jimbei render by oxoluffy-d6nx7sy Jimbei Daisuke Gōri
(eps. 430-432)
Daniel Baugh
Katsuhisa Hōki
(eps. 440-)
Dracule Mihawk Anime Infobox Dracule Mihawk Takeshi Aono
(eps. 23-460)
Chuck Powers Christopher Collet John Gremillion
Hirohiko Kakegawa
(eps. 461-)
Bartholomew kuma by alexiscabo1-d923056 Bartholomew Kuma Hideyuki Hori Joel McDonald
Edward Weevil Anime Full Body Edward Weevil Kōzō Shioya TBA
The Marines
Smoker Smoker Ginzō Matsuo
(eps. 48-79)
Joseph Murray
(eps. 48-77)
Russell Velázquez Greg Dulcie
Mahito Ōba
(eps. 94-)
Paul J. Pistore
(eps. 78-104)
6912 render tashigi Tashigi Junko Noda Chio Su-Ping
(eps. 48-77)
Priscilla Everett Monica Rial
Emlyn Morinelli
(eps. 78-104)
Koby Coby Mika Doi Chio Su-Ping Kayzie Rogers Leah Clark
(eps. 1-69)
Coby render by rostofeio-d5eci9x Micah Solusod
(eps. 313-)
Hermeppo Helmeppo Kōichi Nagano Brian Zimmerman Sean Schemmel Troy Baker
(eps. 2-3)
558079-helmeppo Mike McFarland
(eps. 68-)
Morgan Axe-Hand Morgan Banjō Ginga Jamie Meldrum J. David Brimmer Brett Weaver
Rika Rika Emi Uwagawa Alison Lester Lisa Ortiz Kate Oxley
Nezumi Nezumi Tamotsu Nishiwaki Chuck Powers Dan Green Vic Mignogna
Monkey D. Garp Anime Infobox Monkey D. Garp Hiroshi Naka ?¿ Brian Mathis
Hina by candycanecroft-d431k14 Hina Tomoko Naka ?¿ Kathleen Delaney Jennifer Seman
Fullbody1 Fullbody Hideo Ishikawa ?¿ Tom Wayland John Burgmeier
Jango Jango Kazuki Yao ?¿ Oliver Wyman Kenny Green
EaOAISs Sengoku Takkō Ishimori
(eps. 151-511)
Ed Blaylock
(eps. 151-511)
Tōru Ōkawa
(eps. 703-)
(eps. 703-)
Tsuru Anime Tsuru Minori Matsushima Juli Erickson
Aokiji Aokiji / Kuzan Takehito Koyasu Jason Douglas
Akainu sakazuki render by cronustitan-d97nj72 Akainu / Sakazuki Fumihiko Tachiki Andrew Love
Kizaru-0 Kizaru / Borsalino Unshō Ishizuka Ray Hurd
Fujitora Fujitora / Issho Ikuya Sawaki TBA
Don quixote rosinante by alexiscabo1-d91nfey Donquixote Rosinante Kōichi Yamadera TBA
Red Hair Pirates
Shanks Shanks Shūichi Ikeda Christian J. Lee Tom Souhrada Brandon Potter
Beckman1 Benn Beckman Kazuyuki Sogabe
(ep. 4)
Joseph Murray Christopher Collet Sean Hennigan
Aruno Tahara
(eps. 151-)
1125386-roux Lucky Roux Jin Domon Jamie Meldrum J. David Brimmer John Burgmeier
57243-yasopp01tr6 super Yasopp Michitaka Kobayashi ?¿ Jason Griffith Scott Freeman
Roger Pirates
Gold D Roger Seigneur des pirates Gol D. Roger Chikao Ōtsuka Brian Zimmerman Frederick B. Owens Sean Hennigan
Buggy Pirates
1189311-buggy1 Buggy the Clown Shigeru Chiba Brian Zimmerman David Wills Mike McFarland
Alvida fat render by rostofeio-d5eg0qe Lady Alvida Yōko Matsuoka Alison Lester Kayzie Rogers Laurie Steele
Alvida by alexiscabo1-d91lvu1 Kathleen Delaney
Moji Mohji Shigenori Sōya Jamie Meldrum Tom Souhrada Chuck Huber
Kabaji Cabaji Moriya Endo Joseph Murray J. Ward Regan Greg Ayres
Orange Town
Boodle Anime Pre Timeskip Infobox Mayor Boodle Jōji Yanami Joseph Murray Michael Sinterniklaas Mark Stoddard
Shimotsuki Village
Kuina Kuina Machiko Toyoshima Chio Su-Ping Priscilla Everett Monica Rial
Koshiro Anime Pre Timeskip Infobox Koshiro Unshō Ishizuka ?¿ Wayne Grayson Chuck Huber
Syrup Village
Kaya Kaya Mariko Kouda Chio Su-Ping Tara Sands Carrie Savage
Carrot Carrot Noriko Yoshitake Joseph Murray Jim Napolitano Kate Oxley
Onion Onion Makiko Ōmoto ?¿ Oliver Wyman Cynthia Cranz
Pepper Pepper Haruhi Terada Brian Zimmerman Kevin Kolack Cherami Leigh
Black Cat Pirates
Kuro Kuro Kōichi Hashimoto Joseph Murray Gary Mack Kent Williams
Buchi Butchie Yasuhiro Takato Chuck Powers James Carter Cathcart Chris Rager
Sham Siam Masaya Onosaka Jamie Meldrum Eric Stuart Todd Haberkorn
Island of Rare Animals
Gaimon Gaimon Tōru Ōhira Joseph Murray Frederick B. Owens Jonathan C. Osborne
Zef Zeff Kōji Yada Jamie Meldrum Robert O'Gorman Grant James
Patty Anime Pre Timeskip Infobox Patty Tetsu Inada Chuck Powers Jeremy Inman
Krieg Pirates
Krieg Don Krieg Fumihiko Tachiki Jamie Meldrum Marc Thompson Andy Mullins
Gin Ghin Kenichi Ono Brian Zimmerman Peter Katana Illich Guardiola
Pearl l'invincibile Pearl Hiroyuki Kawamoto ?¿ Christopher Collet J. Michael Tatum
Cocoyasi Village
Genzo Genzo Kōzō Shioya Jamie Meldrum Matt Hoverman Bill Flynn
Nojiko Nojiko Wakana Yamazaki Chio Su-Ping Tara Sands Tiffany Grant
Bellmer Bell-mère Noriko Hidaka Kathleen Delaney Cynthia Cranz
JohnnyYosaku Johnny Masaya Takatsuka Jamie Meldrum Dan Green Christopher Ayres
Yosaku Yasuhiko Tokuyama Joseph Murray Wayne Grayson Josh Martin
Arlong Pirates
Arlongu Arlong Jūrōta Kosugi Brian Zimmerman David Wills Chris Rager
Hacchan Hatchan Toshiyuki Morikawa Joseph Murray Sean Schemmel George Manley
Kuroobi Kuroobi Hisao Egawa Jamie Meldrum Patrick Seitz
Pciu Choo Masaya Onosaka ?¿ Tom Wayland Jay Hickman
Reverse Mountain
Crocus 6613 Crocus Gorō Naya ?¿ Jerry Russell
(eps. 62-63)
Burl W. Proctor
(eps. 379-)
Drum Island
Dr essa kureha Dr. Kureha Masako Nozawa Emlyn Morinelli Maddie Blaustein Julie Mayfield
Dorton Dalton Kenichi Ono Dwayne Tan Ted Lewis J. Michael Tatum
Hiluluk Anime Infobox Dr. Hiluluk Shigeru Ushiyama Paul J. Pistore Frank Guida Mark Stoddard
Wapol Pirates
Wapol render 1 by draox-d5i2tgp Wapol Bin Shimada Brian Zimmerman Matt Hoverman Andy Mullins
Chess Chess Yūsuke Numata Chuck Powers James Carter Cathcart Kyle C. Jones
Kuromarimo Kuromarimo Kenji Nomura Paul J. Pistore Jamie McGonnigal Charles Baker
Baroque Works
Crocodile Crocodile / Mr. 0 Ryūzaburō Ōtomo Brian Zimmerman J. David Brimmer John Swasey
Mr1 Daz Bones / Mr. 1 Tetsu Inada ?¿ Brian Maillard Brett Weaver
Doublefinger1 Paula / Ms. Doublefinger Ako Mayama
(eps. 103-104)
?¿ Eva Kaminsky Leah Clark
Yuko Tachibana
3142738600 1 2 rFfELfVx Bentham / Mr. 2 / Bon Clay Kazuki Yao Dwayne Tan Kevin Kolack Barry Yandell
Mr3 Galdino / Mr. 3 Nobuyuki Hiyama Duncan Brannan
Mr 4 Mr. 4 Masaya Takatsuka ?¿ Dan Green Scott Hinze
Mister5 Mr. 5 Chuck Powers Scottie Ray Andrew Love
MissGoldenWeek Miss Goldenweek Akiko Nakagawa Cindy Creekmore Cherami Leigh
1888249-243px merrychristmas3 Miss Merry Christmas Mami Kingetsu Emlyn Morinelli Kayzie Rogers Wendy Powell
Tumblr static missv. 4 Miss Valentine Fumiko Orikasa Chio Su-Ping Amy Palant Jamie Marchi
1888327-miss monday1 Miss Monday Makiko Ōmoto ?¿ Russell Velázquez Clarine Harp
Mister9 Mr. 9 Yasuhiro Takato Brian Zimmerman Michael Sinterniklaas Chris Patton
Alabasta Kingdom
Nefertari Vivi Nefertari Vivi / Miss Wednesday Misa Watanabe Natasha Malinsky Karen Neill Caitlin Glass
Carue Carue Hiroaki Hirata Michael J. Haigney Monica Rial
Nefeltari Cobra Anime Pre Timeskip Infobox Nefertari Cobra Iemasa Kayumi ?¿ David Zen Mansley Kyle Hebert
Toshiya Ueda
(eps. 512-)
Mister8 Igaram / Mr. 8 Keiichi Sonobe Brian Zimmerman David Wills Rob Mungle
Chaka Chaka Kihachirō Uemura ?¿ Russell Velázquez Robert McCollum
Pell Pell Kenji Nojima ?¿ Matt Hoverman Kevin M. Connolly
Kohza Kohza Takeshi Kusao ?¿ Jonathan Todd Ross Todd Haberkorn
Toto heute Toto Masaaki Tsukada Paul J. Pistore Sean Schemmel Jerry Russell
Bellamy Pirates
Bellamy 2 by alexiscabo1-d9288jv Bellamy Wataru Takagi Justin Cook
Sarquiss Sarquiss Yūji Ueda Duncan Brannan
Lily Anime Infobox Lilly Yuko Sumitomo Trina Nishimura
Ross Anime Infobox Ross Osamu Ryūtani R. Scott Cantrell
Tyson Rinehart
(eps. 207-)
Eddy Anime Infobox Eddy Hiroshi Kamiya Zach Bolton
Rivers Anime Infobox Rivers Masaya Takatsuka Patrick Seitz
Muret Anime Infobox Muret Yuka Shioyama Colleen Clinkenbeard
Whitebeard Pirates
Newgate 513 05 Whitebeard /
Edward Newgate
Kinryū Arimoto R. Bruce Elliott
Marco by orochimarusama1 by staxkiller-d8rqow9 Marco Masakazu Morita Bill Jenkins
(ep. 151)
Kyle Phillips
(eps. 316-)
Portgas d ace Portgas D. Ace Toshio Furukawa Dwayne Tan Jesse Hooker Travis Willingham
Jozu by alexiscabo1-d9238lm Jozu Takashi Nagasako Matt Thurston
Blackbeard Pirates
Blackbeard Blackbeard /
Marshall D. Teach
Akio Ōtsuka Cole Brown
(eps. 146-513)
Van Augur Anime Infobox Van Augur Masaya Takatsuka Barry Yandell
Jesus burgess by alexiscabo1-d91nmjm Jesus Burgess Tetsu Inada Phil Parsons
Laffitte Anime Infobox Laffitte Taiki Matsuno Christopher Bevins
Doc Q Anime Infobox Doc Q. Naoya Uchida Kenny Green
Sanjuan Wolf Anime Infobox Sanjuan Wolf Kenichi Ono Jason Bunch
Vasco Shot (retouched) Vasco Shot Naoki Tatsuta Clint Ford
Catarina Devon Anime Infobox Catarina Devon Kimiko Saitō Natalie Hoover
Avalo Pizarro Anime Infobox Avalo Pizarro Kazunari Tanaka Greg Silva
1884902-289px ganfall Gan Fall Jōji Yanami John Swasey
Conis Anime Pre Timeskip Infobox Conis Rieko Takahashi Laura Bailey
Pagaya-one-piece-2.8 Pagaya Mahito Ōba Grant James
Wiper Wyper Masaki Aizawa J. Paul Slavens
Laki Anime Infobox Laki Michie Tomizawa Lydia Mackay
Aisa Aisa Masami Suzuki Cherami Leigh
God's Army
Eneru Eneru Toshiyuki Morikawa J. Michael Tatum
Satori Satori Yasuhiro Takato Chris Cason
Gedatsu Gedatsu Masaya Takatsuka Bob Carter
Shura Anime Infobox Shura Shinichiro Ohta Kent Williams
Ohm Ohm Eiji Takemoto Troy Baker
Yama Anime Infobox Yama Hidenari Ugaki Andrew Chandler
Long Ring Long Land
Tonjit Tonjit Naoki Tatsuta Bill Flynn
Foxy Pirates
Foxy Foxy Bin Shimada Jonathan Brooks
Porche Porche Sara Nakayama Tia Ballard
Hamburg one piece by kakashihyuga-d9vj0rg Hamburg Hirohiko Kakegawa Scott Freeman
Water 7
Koroko 8790 Koroko Ako Mayama Juli Erickson
Chimney Chimney Chiwa Saitō Lara Woodhull
Iceburg Anime Infobox Iceberg Izō Oikawa Philip Weber
Paulie Anime Pre Timeskip Infobox Paulie Takahiro Yoshimizu David Wald
Tom Anime Infobox Tom Yasuo Muramatsu Rob Mungle
Franky Family
Zambai Zambai Kenta Miyake Doug Goodrich
ME3050649835 2 Mozu Aiko Hibi Morgan Garrett
Kiwi Yuka Shioyama Martha Harms
Spandam Anime Pre Timeskip Infobox Chief Spandam Masaya Onosaka Christopher Corey Smith
Rob-Lucci-Render-SV Rob Lucci Tomokazu Seki Jason Liebrecht
Kakuonepiece Kaku Ryōtarō Okiayu Alex Organ
Kalifa by alexiscabo1-d91ni7v Kalifa Naomi Shindō Shelley Calene-Black
Blueno 2802 Blueno Seiji Sasaki Mark Fickert
Jabra1 Jabra Masaya Takatsuka Phil Parsons
Kumadori Anime Infobox Kumadori Hiroaki Yoshida Andrew Love
Fukuro Fukuro Kumiko Watanabe Alexis Tipton
Nero Anime Infobox Nero Hidenobu Kiuchi Todd Haberkorn
Ohara Island
Jaguar-d-saul Jaguar D. Saul Takeshi Kusao Cole Brown
Clover Portrait Clover Kōichi Kitamura Kent Williams
Nico Olvia Nico Olvia Yuriko Yamaguchi Stephanie Young
Revolutionary Army
Monkey d dragon render 1 by oxoluffy-d6nqm29 Monkey D. Dragon Hidekatsu Shibata Brian Zimmerman Dan Green Bryan Massey
Sabo by orochimarusama1 by staxkiller-d8rqlix Sabo Tōru Furuya Vic Mignogna
Sabo 2 by alexiscabo1-d9284tl Junko Takeuchi
Morgan Garrett
Koala by alexiscabo1-d91lqpo Koala Satsuki Yukino Jeannie Tirado
Emporio Ivankov Anime Infobox Emporio Ivankov Norio Imamura
(eps. 438-460)
Randy Pearlman
Mitsuo Iwata
Inazuma01 Inazuma Kenji Hamada
Christopher Wehkamp
Umeka Shōji
Angela Chase
Thriller Bark
Gecko moria Gecko Moria Katsuhisa Hōki Chris Guerrero
Hogback Full Body Hogback Hiroshi Iwasaki Marcus Stimac
Absalom Anime Infobox Absalom Hiroaki Miura Andrew Chandler
Perona 01 by ubugub-d5dfsey Perona Kumiko Nishihara Felecia Angelle
Victoria Cindry Anime Infobox Victoria Cindry Naomi Shindō Jamie Marchi
Ryuma Anime Infobox Ryuma Chō Ian Sinclair
Lola (Zombie) Anime Infobox Lola Aya Hisakawa Alex Moore
Oars Anime Infobox Oars Mayumi Tanaka Colleen Clinkenbeard
Rolling Pirates
Lola Anime Pre Timeskip Infobox Lola Aya Hisakawa Alex Moore
Takoyaki 8
Keimi Anime Pre Timeskip Infobox Camie Haruna Ikezawa Megan Shipman
Pappug Anime Pre Timeskip Infobox Pappagu Kōzō Shioya Chris Cason
The Eleven Supernovas
Trafalgar Law Trafalgar D. Law Hiroshi Kamiya Matthew Mercer
Eustass kid by alexiscabo1-d91nhbz Eustass Kid Daisuke Namikawa Justin Cook
Scratchmen apoo by alexiscabo1-d91nsdr Scratchman Apoo Mitsuaki Madono Brad Venable
Basil hawkins by alexiscabo1-d91lsb8 Basil Hawkins Shigenori Sōya Taliesin Jaffe
Capone bege by alexiscabo1-d924ak7 Capone Bege Naoki Tatsuta Kyle Hebert
X drake by alexiscabo1-d91zl83 X. Drake Eiji Takemoto D.C. Douglas
Killer 3 by alexiscabo1-d924ed1 Killer Kenji Hamada Leo Fabian
Jewelry bonney by alexiscabo1-d91nrqd Jewelry Bonney Reiko Kiuchi Laura Wetsel
Urouge by alexiscabo1-d91zlji Urouge Taiten Kusunoki Major Attaway
Sabaody Archipelago
Silvers rayleigh by alexiscabo1-d91npqv Silvers Rayleigh Kazuyuki Sogabe
(ep. 8)
David Wills Bradford Hutson
(ep. 8)
Keiichi Noda
(eps. 394-)
Bruce Carey
(eps. 394-)
Shakuyaku Shakuyaku Hiromi Tsuru Elizabeth Maxwell
Kuja Pirates
Boa hancock by alexiscabo1-d91m1fo Boa Hancock Kotono Mitsuishi Lydia Mackay
Boa Sandersonia Anime Infobox Boa Sandersonia Chiwa Saitō Lindsay Seidel
Character 1089 c1 Boa Marigold Kimiko Saitō Julie Mayfield
Impel Down
MagellanRender Magellan Mitsuaki Hoshino Jeremy Inman
Hannyabal Anime Pre Timeskip Infobox Hannyabal Tetsuo Gotō Brad Jackson
Sadi Anime Infobox Sadie Yuka Koyama Marissa Lenti
Saldeath Render Saldeath Kazuya Nakai Orion Pitts
Domino Anime Pre Timeskip Infobox Domino Naomi Shindō Haley Esposito
Impostor Straw Hat Pirates
Demaro Black Anime Infobox Demaro Black Hiroaki Hirata Eric Vale
Manjaro Manjaro Kappei Yamaguchi Sonny Strait
Chocolat Anime Infobox Chocolat Ikue Ōtani Brina Palencia
Mounblutain Mounblutain Kazuki Yao Patrick Seitz
Drip-fake-sanji Drip Kazuya Nakai Christopher Sabat
Nora Gitsune Portrait Nora Gitsune Mayumi Tanaka Colleen Clinkenbeard
Cocoa Portrait Cocoa Akemi Okamura Luci Christian
Turco Portrait Turco Chō Ian Sinclair
Flying Pirates
Vander decken by alexiscabo1-d91noro Vander Decken IX Wataru Takagi Jim Foronda
New Fishman Pirates
Pein444 Hody Jones Requin pirate One Piece Hody Jones Jōji Nakata Larry Brantley
Ryugu Kingdom
Shirahoshi by alexiscabo1-d91nhuc Shirahoshi Yukana Nogami Bryn Apprill
Neptune-One-Piece Neptune Minoru Inaba Bruce DuBose
Otohime Anime Infobox Otohime Michiko Neya Amanda Lee
Donquixote Pirates
Doflamingo-0 Donquixote Doflamingo Hideyuki Tanaka Robert McCollum
Vergo Anime Concept Art Vergo Junichi Suwabe TBA
Trebol by alexiscabo1-d91nuis Trebol Taiki Matsuno TBA
Sugar by alexiscabo1-d91lsrh Sugar Rie Kugimiya TBA
Jora Jora Hiroko Emori TBA
Diamante by alexiscabo1-d91lc3r Diamante Hideyuki Umezu TBA
Lao G Anime Infobox Lao G Tetsuo Gotō TBA
Machvise Anime Infobox Machvise Naomi Kusumi TBA
Senor Pink Señor Pink Kazuhiro Yamaji TBA
Dellinger Dorsal Fin Dellinger Kōki Miyata TBA
Pica by alexiscabo1-d91laho Pica Yūji Mitsuya TBA
Baby 5 by alexiscabo1-d91luhn Baby 5 Rina Satō TBA
Buffalo by alexiscabo1-d91nrl7 Buffalo Yasuhiro Takato TBA
Gladius by alexiscabo1-d91lc9k Gladius Isshin Chiba TBA
Wano Country
Kinemon by alexiscabo1-d91nicy Kin'emon Kenyu Horiuchi TBA
Kozuki-momonosuke Kozuki Momonosuke Ai Orikasa TBA
Kanjuro Anime Full Body Kanjuro Takumi Yamazaki TBA
Caesar Clown's Organization
Caesar Clown Caesar Clown Ryūsei Nakao TBA
Monet by alexiscabo1-d91nn3n Monet Naoko Matsui TBA
Brownbeard Anime Post Timeskip Infobox Brownbeard Yasuhiko Tokuyama
(ep. 491)
Randy E. Aguebor
Kazunari Tanaka
(ep. 511)
Masashi Sugawara
(eps. 583-)
Riku Dold III Anime Infobox Riku Dold III Masashi Hirose
(eps. 636-665)
Banjō Ginga
(eps. 666-)
Viola Viola / Violet Mie Sonozaki TBA
Scarlett Portrait Scarlett Wakana Yamazaki TBA
Kyros by alexiscabo1-d91lr3k Kyros Rikiya Koyama TBA
Rebecca by alexiscabo1-d91nib0 Rebecca Megumi Hayashibara TBA
Mink Tribe
Inuarashi Anime Concept Art Inuarashi Takaya Hashi TBA
Nekomamushi Anime Infobox Nekomamushi Masaru Ikeda TBA
Narration Mahito Ōba Joseph Murray Eric Stuart Bill Jenkins

Additional VoicesEdit

4Kids Dub

FUNimation Dub


  • The Latin-American Spanish and Portuguese dubs are based on the 4Kids English dub. However, both dubbed the original opening and closings; "We Are!" and "Memories".
  • The Odex dub is the only dub to have Luffy voiced by a male actor. The 4Kids and FUNimation dubs both cast a female as Luffy due to the insistence of Toei.
  • Luffy's name is pronounced as "Luh-fee" in the Odex dub, rather than the usual pronunciation of "Loo-fee". Chuck Powers has stated looking back would’ve chosen “Loo-fee” instead as he is now aware of how dedicated the fanbase is.
  • Hatchan is renamed "Octy" in the Odex dub, as his name means "eight" in Japanese.
One Piece 4kids vs. Uncut

Comparison of edited 4kids version (left) and uncut version (right)

  • The list of changes done to One Piece by 4Kids is long. The most notable are as follows
    • There's the aforementioned edit changing Sanji's cigarette into a lollipop.
    • The most noted renames in their dub is the renaming of Zoro to "Zolo" - an alternate incorrect romanization of his name. This was an attempt to avoid copyright issues with the character Zorro.
    • Nico Robin is given a Texan accent only based on the fact that when she first appears, she's wearing a white cowboy hat.
    • All instances of Japanese text, or English text for that matter, are erased and replaced by custom text edited in. In addition, instances of Japanese culture are often edited out. The most notable being changing the onigiri that Rika brings for Zoro in Episode 2 to chocolate chip cookies.
    • All appearances of alcohol are changed to either "juice" or digitally colored blue and turned into water.
    • All instances of blood are digitally erased. For instance, when Mihawk slices Zoro open across his whole chest, they removed all the blood from the image. There are a few unavoidable instances where blood is shown, such as when Shanks' arm is eaten and when Zeff's leg is torn off. The only instance of purposefully showing blood in the 4Kids dub is to explain Zeff’s nickname “Red-Shoes Zeff”.
    • Episodes 44, 46, 47, 48, 50, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 63, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 131, 132, 133, 134, 136, 137, 138 were all removed, in which all cases, the storyline had to be re-written, creating many plotholes that would have caused further trouble had 4kids' dub continued. For instance, the removal of the Reverse Mountain arc and Laboon the Whale would have caused problems come the Thriller Bark arc and Brook's motives for joining the Straw Hat Pirates.
    • The deaths of flashback characters Kuina and Bell-mère are written-out, and made unintentionally worse. Kuina originally dies by falling down a flight of stairs. In 4Kids' dub, it's said she's assaulted by a gang of sore losers and crippled by them, leaving her unable to fight. Bell-mère is originally shot in the chest by Arlong. Instead, Arlong sentences her to the dungeon, where it is implied she starves to death.
    • Captain Smoker's cigars were digitally erased, and he was renamed "Captain Chaser".
    • Ace was renamed "Portgaz D. Trace"
    • Many firearms were changed to look less realistic, while others were edited into other objects. Most often, Marine guns are turned into water guns while the others are simply colored green. In one episode when Helmeppo threatens Coby with a gun, it's replaced with a mallet on a spring.
    • All references to religious symbolism is removed, including crosses such as Dracule Mihawk's cross dagger, even medical crosses are removed.
    • Miss Doublefinger was renamed "Miss New Year's Eve".
    • The removal of the Little Garden Arc left the appearance of Mr. 3 later without much explanation. Miss Goldenweek appeared once in the 4Kids dub in an explanation of the Baroque Works members. Her name was changed to Miss April Fool’s Day.
    • Miss Merry Christmas was renamed "Miss Groundhog's Day" - likely to avoid offending non-Christians. Her Christmas tree necktie is recolored to look purple and red, and her Devil Fruit animal was also referred to as a groundhog.
  • 4Kids' voice cast isn't completely clear due to the voice actors not being specifically credited to the characters. Many are based on speculation. There are several recurring inaccuracies; Scottie Ray was originally assumed to be Smoker/Chaser, but it was later revealed to be Russell Velázquez, who uploaded clips of himself as Chaser on YouTube. Characters like Genzo, Pell and Dr. Hiriluk are also often incorrectly credited to Marc Diraison. The roles of Gold Roger and Gaimon were originally thought to have been done by J. David Brimmer as well.
  • Although 4Kids' dub halts at the Alabasta Arc, characters that appear in later episodes such as Eneru, Satori, Bellamy and Blackbeard are heard in their dub of the video game One Piece: Pirates Carnival.
  • In FUNimation's dub of episode 165 there's a jab at the 4Kids dub; Usopp, while saying “zero chance” in a panic, says “Zolo” after saying “Zoro”.
  • The role of Gan Fall was initially cast to Randy Tallman, however he died before dubbing began and was replaced by John Swasey. Though, the original television end credits accidentally credit Tallman in the role.
  • Michael Sinterniklaas and Jamie McGonnigal are the only voice actors to cross between both the 4Kids and FUNimation casts for the series itself. Sean Schemmel however would voice Dr. Indigo for FUNimation's dub of One Piece: Strong World.
  • Los Angeles based voice actors Tony Oliver, Cristina Valenzuela, David Vincent and Michael Sinterniklaas all make guest vocal appearances. Vancouver-based voice actor Scott McNeil briefly provides his voice in Episode 425, reprising the role of Shiki from Strong World.
  • The FUNimation dub skips Episode 492; which was a non-canon filler crossover with Toriko. Even though FUNimation owns the rights to dub Toriko, it is worthy to note that they cancelled their dub of the series after 52 episodes. Episodes 542 (another crossover with Toriko) and 590 (a crossover with both Toriko and Dragon Ball Z) are unlikely to be exceptions.
  • The role of Chimney was erroneously credited to Lindsay Seidel in Episode 229. Mike McFarland posted on Twitter correcting the mistake, stating that Chimney is actually voiced by Lara Woodhull, before the next set released. All future releases properly credit her as Chimney’s voice actress.
  • The Impostor Straw Hat's voices are the Real Straw Hats' voice actors switched out (much like the Japanese version). Of Note, Christopher Sabat and Luci Christian's voices for Fake Sanji (Drip) and Fake Robin (Cocoa) are impressions of their 4Kids' voice actors (David Moo and Veronica Taylor).
  • Incidentally, both Sengoku's original Japanese and English voice actors died after Episode 511 (Sengoku is absent until Episode 703).


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*4Kids - Episodes 1-143 uncut / FUNimation - Episodes 144-167 uncut

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